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About Us

Ariya Burmese Foods

Canadian, family-owned

Ariya Burmese Foods

Ariya Burmese Foods is a Canadian family-owned food store based out of Calgary, Alberta. We started serving our favourite Burmese dishes in 2019 at Crossroads Farmers Market in Calgary, and have since expanded to supply Burmese foods across Canada. 

Burmese food is a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine, and for us, a taste of home. We both grew up savouring the same nutritious, tasty, and satisfying flavours we now serve with love. Our commitment goes beyond taste alone, as we diligently select only the finest ingredients to create the finest dishes. 

Four stacked black beans patties.
Yellow peas patties with a green dipping sauce and chilli pepper garnish.

Feel Good Food

From Burma (Myanmar) to Canada

We’re Canada’s primary Burmese food manufacturer, bringing the rich heritage and dynamic taste of Burmese cuisine to plates nationwide! Order online or find our products in-person at over 30 Calgary grocery stores, including Calgary Co-Op, Safeway, and Sobeys. 

Our Values

The Harmony of Tradition &
Healthy Whole Foods


We only serve dishes that get our own mouths watering – jam-packed with the flavour fusion that defines Burmese cuisine.


We aim to bring the flavours of Myanmar to the Western food market as we share our cherished family favourites.


We’re committed to quality, and only use fresh, natural ingredients to create the tastiest and most nutritious dishes possible.

Meet Our founders

A Culinary Journey from Burma

We’re Win and Zinmar. We grew up in Myanmar and migrated to Canada in 2003 to pursue our professional dreams. Since being in Canada, we noticed a gap in the western food market. Despite an abundance of Indian and Chinese food, we couldn’t find our cherished fusion cuisine represented on Canada’s palate. This realization coupled with our memories of home gave root to Ariya Burmese Food.

Our childhood memories are filled with food – from visiting an elderly man’s mobile food cart for Shan Noodles on Saturday mornings to mom’s special spicy chili bits and Dad bringing home black bean patties. Join us as we bring the heart and soul of Burmese cuisine to Canada’s food scene – from our family to yours.

Ariya Burmese Food store owners, Win and Zinmar.

A Call for Compassion

1.8 Million Lives, 1.8 Million Stories of Strength

Due to the military coup in February of 2021, there are more than 1.8 million internally displaced, Burmese war refugees. These people, made up largely of women and children, have lost their homes, families and any sense of day-to-day normalcy. Lacking legal status and livelihood opportunities, they urgently need your support and protection. The Canadian Red Cross and The International Rescue Committee are now accepting donations, where your dollars go directly towards helping the Burmese people recover and gain control of their futures.
A protester makes the three finger salute during a demonstration against military coup